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Interventions are the best methods for getting unwilling addicts in Corona, CA into an intervention rehab program. If there’s someone in your life who you think may be addicted to drugs or alcohol, someone who isn’t the same because of their dependency, an intervention is a good way to begin helping them into recovery. Watching a loved one in Corona, CA suffer from addiction can be a miserable process. It’s possible you might be asking, “How can I help my friend get clean again?” or “What will my role be in getting my family member sober?” Friends and family members care a lot for the person who is anguishing from drug and/or alcohol addiction. You can’t be frightened of confrontation: fear can’t stop you from taking action. Contact us at 951-338-5569 for information about interventions and how to set one up.

What’s an Intervention?

An intervention can be as simple as asking the person in Corona, CA to stop their drug habits, or could be an extremely eye-opening event that persuades an addict to seek rehabilitation for his or her issues. Family, friends, clergy, instructors, or other people in Corona, CA who care for the addict must gather and confront the drug addict about the destructive effects of their substance addiction. Everyone should encourage him or her to seek rehab for his or her drug problem. The goals of an intervention are to present the addict with a way to freedom, get assistance and save his or her life. These goals are further hindered by the addict’s inability to realize that they have a drug problem: his or her denial and stubbornness will eventually give way to rehab assistance. Over the course of an intervention it is essential to address certain problems:

  • The addict’s unhealthy behavior, the way it has destroyed the addict and their loved ones.
  • The rehab plan along with the center’s objectives and guidelines that the addict is expected to abide by.
  • What boundaries each participant will set if the addict in Corona, CA does not comply with enrollment in a rehabilitation facility of some kind.

The four different interventions: simple, crisis, classical, and family system.

  • ‘Simply’ asking the person to abandon their harmful behavior is a simple intervention; this approach must be considered before any other, more difficult interventions are underway.
  • The objective of a classical intervention is to focus the whole dialogue on the single drug addict with the intention of getting them to agree to rehab treatment immediately.
  • A crisis intervention is for best reserved in extremely hazardous and risky situations, like reckless driving, domestic violence, or extreme drug abuse.
  • Family system interventions directs the focus onto the entire family unit, and gets everyone to stop their abnormal behaviors, and because substance abuse and family violence thrives on socially dysfunctional environments, everyone involved will need help stopping their destructive behaviors.

What’s the Difference Between an Intervention and Rehab?

There is an essential distinction between an intervention and therapy, but both are necessary for the comprehensive recovery process. We encourages the addict’s friends, family, and other people in Corona, CA that care for him or her to stage an intervention, the objective of which is primarily to drive the addict towards getting rehab for his or her addiction. Therapy remains the best way to get an addict to quit using drugs or alcohol. An intervention is NOT rehab therapy, but a method to approach the addict with treatment options. At treatment facilities like Treatment Programs Addiction outlines the addict’s education about his or her illness of substance abuse. Afterwards surveying methods for maintain long term recovery, and finally addressing what triggers he or she needs to use drugs. Our team recommends that an addict in Corona, CA essentially enters a rehab program on the very same day as their intervention.

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Watching a loved one in Corona, CA suffer with dependency is disconcerting and scary. Sometimes an intervention requires an organized, intense effort by family and friends. Our team helps with securing interventionists, locating rehab facilities around the United States, or explaining drug dependency in general. To get a loved one the assistance they so desperately need, call 951-338-5569 today!

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